What does the year 2022 bring you? What is its energy for the world, what will be going on in your relationships and within your work? How will you create abundance and wealth? How can you become a better caretaker of your body and soul? Get a copy of this book answer all of the questions above and become the master of your year!



What is the main energy of the year 2022?

What does it bring to you personally and to the world?

This bestselling book SOURCE CHANNELING FOR THE WORLD 2022 has all the answers!


This year is the year of personal mastery and this book will serve you as a portal through which you practice being your most authentic self and hone your skills of embodying your truest, purest essence throughout 2022.

In this book SOURCE CHANNELING FOR THE WORLD 2022 you will find channeled wisdom for the year 2022 and clarity for all the aspects of your life (relationships, love, family, work, money, entrepreneurship, health, spiritual growth, and the growth of your soul ect.)

Among other things in this book you will find clarity about:

  • the changes in the universe and on planet Earth,
  • the shift of consciousness into two poles,
  • the relationships of the new age,
  • sex and intimacy,
  • 10 guidelines for the year 2022,
  • instant manifestation,
  • healing childhood trauma,
  • 3 personal transformations of the year 2022,
  • 5 main pivotal points of 2022,
  • working with the portals,
  • how to become the best caretaker of your body,
  • spiritual guides of the year 2022 and how to work with them,
  • conscious entrepreneurship,
  • new way of creating abundance and success,
  • the development of civilization,
  • how to live up to your soul's purpose and
  • how to become the master of your time.

All the questions you are asking yourself about life will now be answered and the personal transformation you are passing through will begin to make sense.

You are ready for more than a few mere pieces of wisdom on how to thrive in 2022. You are ready to embark on a powerful spiritual journey into your own depths.

You have been invited to partake in a transformation through which you will become the masterful leader of your personal live and set the foundation for a new civilization of Love to blossom here on Earth.

This bestselling book SOURCE CHANNELING FOR THE WORLD 2022 serves you as a portal guiding you into a spiritual initiation for the new age of planet Earth.

Get a copy of this book now and embark on your spiritual experience, dear soul!

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