Hi! I'm Tjaša Dorelay.

A channeling medium and a modern-day oracle from Slovenia, Europe.

My life’s purpose is to share the clarity that I channel from the celestial realm with you to expand your consciousness and inspire you to become the conscious leader of your life by using your vibration to create your desired situations.

I am your mirror of clarity, vibrational alignment, and manifestation.

I am devoted to raising awareness and offering a fresh, practical, grounded approach to spirituality that offers everyone the chance to undergo a powerful personal transformation and spiritual growth.

I am here to inspire souls who are ready to anchor and embody their entire consciousness through their being and live as the powerful creators we innately are.

In the last 13 years of me being on my journey as a medium my powerful and spot-on channeled messages and meditations have inspired millions of people and thousands of lives have been transformed by the expansion of consciousness that my soul brings to this planet.

I can’t wait to see your rebirth too!

Welcome to my world!

You are seen and deeply appreciated!
I love you!

Your spiritual journey starts here

Start your spirtual practice of channeled meditation and raise your vibration now!

Goddess Quan Yin

Heart opening and unconditional love activation

Archangel Michael

Energy clearing and personal power activation


High vibration and light codes activation

Give yourself the experience
of the Celestial Realm.

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