Celestial channeling

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get all the answers to your life questions?

If you could connect to an infinite supply of energy and feel a deep connection to the Source?

To be able to live your life to your fullest potential and instantly shift your reality?

This experience is available to you now.

No matter your age, gender, or the longitude of your spiritual practice. Each of us was created by the same Source and we all have a deep connection to it throughout our entire life.

With the right lifestyle, daily spiritual practice, and a devotion to living our lives in clarity, this connection is reestablished, and our most fulfilling life begins.

Did you know that you actually have 7 Bodies?

First is your Physical Body. This is the physical form of your existence.

The Emotional Body is layered over the Physical Body and feels like a jelly that houses all your emotions and feelings.

Next up is the Mental Body that looks like a web of information and programs you believe to be true (and holds your personal and collective beliefs).

And all over the previous three bodies is your Energy Body that spreads out wide and holds all your energy. (If you are a highly sensitive person, you are likely able to read peoples energy from this field.)

These are your lower bodies that are contained within the Earth’s energy field.

When we zoom out of this field, we find that there are 3 more bodies that form your being.

The Astral Body is your connection to your soul and your Soul’s Contract. It is also the place within the Universe’s field containing all the information about all souls and their (aka the Akashic Records). (This is the plane of reality that the mediums who channel the souls of the deceased go to for answers.)

When we zoom out even more, we connect to our Celestial Body that opens a portal to Universal Consciousness – the vast plane of reality where all information about everything that coexists in our Universe is held. It is much like an enormous library of information that transcends soul knowledge encompassed by a matrix of light codes.

Here is the home of our Angels, Spirit Guides, and Guardians of Consciousness who work as mediums of information from the Universal Consciousness’ matrix of codes.

All the answers about our life, not just personal but also collective and universal, is kept here in the Celestial Realm. This is the place that I as a Celestial Channeling medium connect to when I channel clarity for you.

The last body is the Manifestation Body where only light exists, this is the plane of reality where manifestation – the instant creation of alignment – happens. This is the home of our Core Star, the beginning of our existence, and the true Source of our being. When we touch this plane of reality don’t encounter any knowledge, but instead experience the never-ending process of the Universe rebirthing itself. And even though we think of this 7th Body as our last, it is actually our first. Here is where we have started the journey of our incarnation and chosen to live on planet Earth in this space and time through all our other Bodies. This is the magic of our true existence.

What is Celestial Channeling?

Channeling is not just closing your eyes and catching a passing thought flying through your energy field. This is called intuition.

Channeling is not experiencing a download of information from your higher self (aka your soul) or connecting with your soul through deep meditation. This is called astral projection.

Channeling is a divine process of connecting with Universal Consciousness through the Celestial Realm and bringing forth specific clarity and exact information regarding any life situation. This wisdom enlarges the consciousness of the person receiving a Celestial Channeling, immediately shifts their reality and transforms their energy in the process. It is one of the most loving, compassionate, yet powerful and activating experiences you can enjoy in this lifetime.

This is the experience I am here to give you!

This is Celestial Channeling. It is the experience of a lifetime like no other.

Individual Celestial Channeling session with certified mediums

Do you want to find out what your Angels want you to know right now?

Do you have any questions for your Guides and wish to receive precise answers and clarity regarding your current situations in life (love, health, work, money, relationships, purpose…)?

Give yourself the gift of an Individual Celestial Inspiration Channeling Session with one of my licensed Celestial Inspiration Channeling mediums (the world`s best mediums!).

You can literally ask any question and get the clarity and the energy transformation you need.

Do you want to learn how to channel and become a Certified Celestial Channeling medium?

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