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Do you have questions about life that haven’t been answered? Are you searching for clarity?

You’ve come to the right place!

As a channeling medium I have the amazing ability to connect to Spirit Guides and different levels of Consciousness and channel messages from the Celestial Realm, bringing you exact and spot on answers to your life’s questions.

In the Instant Clarity Podcast, I chat with my best friends from the Spiritual World who answer your questions about life (money, love, relationships, health, vitality, spirituality, the Universe …) and bring you a fresh, practical, and grounded approach to spirituality that offers you the chance to undergo a powerful personal transformation and spiritual growth.

Tune in to new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday and receive a fresh dose of clarity for your life!

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S03 E08

Meditation: THE PORTAL OF FORGIVENESS (Mary Magdalene)

S02 E07

Q&A with Tjaša Dorelay part 2

S03 E06

Q&A with Tjaša Dorelay part 1

S03 E05

Is channeling really fortune-telling?

S03 E04

Meditation: SHIFTING FROM LACK TO ABUNDANCE (Goddess Lakshmi)

S03 E03

How to have an abundant mindset? (Goddess Lakshmi)

S03 E02

What do the Soul’s of the deceased want to tell you? (Goddess Isis)

S03 E01

What determines your fate – destiny or decision? (Goddess Isis)

S02 E25

Meditation: THE EYE OF THE UNIVERSE (God Horus)

S02 E24

How to let go of illusions around spirituality?

S02 E23


S02 E22

How to step out of collective consciousness and embody your truth? (Archangel Michael & Antarra)

S02 E21

How to solve your life’s biggest problem? (Goddess Kali)

S02 E20

Why do you need your daily spiritual practice?

S02 E19

How to energetically clear your home? (Archangel Michael)

S02 E18

How to always have enough time? (Goddess Nuit)

S02 E17

Which foods are high vibe foods? (Archangel Raphael)

S02 E16

How to lose weight? (Archangel Raphael)

S02 E15

Meditation: ENERGY CLEARING (Archangel Michael)

S02 E14

How to know what your angels are telling you?

S02 E13

What does the future of planet earth look like? (Antarra)

S02 E12

How to become a manifestation master II? (Angels of Manifestation)

S02 E11

How to become a manifestation master I? (Angels of Manifestation)

S02 E10

What to do to shift your vibration when it’s low?

S02 E09

How to jump from 3D to 5D? (Antarra)

S02 E08


S02 E07

How to activate your sexual energy? (Goddess Pele)

S02 E06

How to balance your work and personal life? (Archangel Michael)

S02 E05

Meditation: INNER PEACE ACTIVATION (Angels of Peace)

S02 E04

What to do if the people around you have a different view of life?

S02 E03

How to feel good enough? (Goddess Quan Yin)

S02 E02

How to consciously date? (Spirit Guide Atanaa)

S02 E01

How to become a money magnet? (Goddess Lakshmi)

S01 E30

What do spirit guides look like and how do I feel when I channel them?

S01 E29

How to jump timelines? (Goddess Nuit)

S01 E28

How to let go and forgive your ex? (Goddesses Quan Yin & Kali)

S01 E27

What is your illness teaching you and how to heal from it? (Master Buddha & Goddess Green Tara)

S01 E26

Meditation: ACTIVATION OF CHANGE (Goddess Kali)

S01 E25

How to become the leader of your life?

S01 E24

How to meditate?

S01 E23

How to raise conscious children? (Archangel Gabriel)

S01 E22

How to recognize your top choices in life? (Archangel Michael)

S01 E21

How to grow out of your family’s karma? (Goddess Isis)

S01 E20

Meditation: THE EMBODIMENT OF LOVE (Goddess Quan Yin)

S01 E19

How I raise my vibration?

S01 E18

What happens after we die? (Goddess Isis)

S01 E17

How to be successful and not burn out? (Archangel Uriel)

S01 E16

How to stop judging yourself and others? (Goddess Quan Yin)

S01 E15


S01 E14

Who do I channel and what questions can I ask them?

S01 E13

How to find out the names of your angels? (Angels)

S01 E12

How to have the best sex of your life? (Goddess Aphrodite)

SO1 E11

How to know your life’s purpose? (Goddess Isis)

S01 E10

Meditation: THE ACTIVATION OF YOUR 12 CHAKRAS (Angels of Chakras)

S01 E09

The story of how I became a channeling medium

S01 E08

How to sleep better? (Angels of Sleep)

S01 E07

How was the Universe created? (Angels of Universal Consciousness)

S01 E06

How to create financial freedom for yourself? (Goddess Lakshmi)

S01 E05

Meditation: LIGHT CODES ACTIVATION OF YOUR 7 BODIES (Guardians of Lemuria)

S01 E04

What does it mean to be a channeling medium?

S01 E03

How to find the love of your life? (Angels of Love)

S01 E02

How to have more energy? (Archangel Raphael)

S01 E01

Who are you, really? (Antarra)


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