Channeled Meditation

Enjoy your spiritual practice of listening to channeled meditation and raise your vibration!

Did you know that everything in the Universe is made of vibrating energy?

You are a pure vibration! Light codes made physical! Wow, magical!

Your inner vibration creates your outer situations! It attracts everything that is aligned with you into your life.

This is how everything in your world is manifested.

And trust me, even though I’m only 33 I have been on my spiritual path for over 21 years and have tried many spiritual practices and methods.

Channeled meditation has proved to be one of the most transformative and life changing practices there is and the best part about it is that it is so effortless that anyone can do it.

This is why I have created not just one, but three different Meditation Rooms (with over 60 unique channeled meditations for every area of your life) so you can enjoy this beautiful practice too!

Be honest with me, do you want to …

If you said YES to at least one of these things, then a regular spiritual practice of listening to channeled meditations is absolutely the right thing for you.

It will bring you all the above and much more!

Say whaat? There is more? Oh, YES!

When you surrender to channeled meditations you …

Beginners Meditation Room

10 channeled meditations for your high vibration!

The Beginners Meditation Room is for you if you are new to meditation and have never meditated before (or you tried it a long time ago) and you are ready to improve your life with channeled meditations now!

5€/month or 48€/year

5 days free trial!


In the Beginners Meditation Room you will find the following 10 channeled meditations

Each meditation is approximately 15 min long.

Advanced Meditation Room

50+ channeled meditations for an impactful transformation of your life!

The Advanced Meditation Room is for you if you already enjoy meditating and want to enrich your spiritual practice with the most powerful channeled meditations for every area of your life (love & relationships, energy & health, money & abundance, work & success, manifestation, soul & spirit world). Transform your life now!

50€/month or 480€/year

5 days free trial!

Enjoy your daily spiritual practice and manifest your best life!

Each month a new meditation is added!

In the Advanced Meditation Room you will find the following 50+ channeled meditations:

All 10 channeled meditations from the Beginners Meditation Room + over 40 completely new channeled meditations for every occasion and area of your life. Meditations are from 6 to 30 min long:

Spiritual Travel Meditation Room

Coming soon!

Expand beyond what you once thought possible and become the master of your life!

The Spiritual Travel Meditation Room is for you if you are already on your spiritual path, enjoying your daily spiritual practice of listening to channeled meditations and you want to go one step further by experiencing spiritual journeys to the Astral, Celestial, and Manifestation Realms.

Past life regressions, opening your Soul’s Contract, light codes activations, Core Star connections, traveling through time and across multiple Universes, visiting ancient civilizations, jumping timelines and shifting reality, manifestation, and many more exclusive channeled experiences are waiting for you to start exploring them now!

Give yourself the experience
of the Celestial Realm.

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