Celestial Inspiration Channeling licensed Mediums

Do you want to find out what your angels want you to know right now?

Do you have any questions for your guides and wish to receive precise answers and clarity regarding your current situations in life (love, health, work, money, relationships, purpose…)?

Gift yourself with a Celestial Inspiration Channeling Inidvidual Session with one of Tjaša Dorelay's licensed Celestial Inspiration Channeling mediums (they are world`s best mediums!)

You can literally ask any question and get clarity and energy transformation you need.

When booking a Celestial Inspiration Channeling Inidvidual Session (in-person or online) with any of our listed Celestial Inspiration Channeling Mediums, you will get a 60 min channeling session where a medium will connect to your angels and guides and channel all their messages for you.

You will be able to ask your guides any questions you want clarity for and will receive specific guidance for your life. Our angels and guides don`t just answer yes or no questions but rather give us broad understanding on how we can cocreate our lives with clarity and in right energy.

A Celestial Inspiration Channeling Individual session is a powerful energy experience that will expand your consciousness about yourself and your life and give you instant energy transformation and shift of your reality. Enjoy!

Language: SI

Channeling: In person and On-line

Orbiton Helena Laharnar s.p.

⦿ Novo mesto, EU Slovenia

T: +386 41 892 402
E: info@orbiton.si


❞My name is Helena and I’m a mother of two wonderful twins, a life partner, and an entrepreneur.

Throughout my life I’ve realized how important it is to follow your heart and listen to your inner voice and feelings. Faith in myself has led me on the path of becoming a medium.

My soul’s purpose is to bring clarity into the world and to spread unconditional love. I want to help you find yourself and live life to your fullest potential.

I’d like to guide you as you venture out into the business world and help you bring your vision to life. Seeing your growth makes me happy.

Become the leader of your life, choose your soul’s potential and prioritize your personal growth to reach your greatest expansion of self.

With love,❞

Helena Laharnar

Language: SI

Channeling: In person and On-line

Barman d.o.o.

⦿ Kranj, EU Slovenia

T: +386 51 317 723
E: perne.marija@gmail.com


❞When we find ourselves at life’s crossroads not knowing which path to choose, how to move forward, how to act, and how to escape snares of our own making, we long for answers, we want clarity…

My name is Marija Perne.

In life I always searched for something more. I wanted something more from the life that I was leading. I found it in the moment when I started connecting with my spirit guides. They hold all the answers.

Accessing them is possible for you too, so that’s why I invite you to embark on this journey with me and seek the clarity that will unfold your life and lead you down the path of finding that “something more” too.

With love,❝

Marija Perne

Language: EN and SI

Channeling: In person and On-line

Unique, Jolanda Podbregar s.p

⦿ Braslovče, EU Slovenia and online

T: +386 41 369 328
E: info@jolanda-podbregar.com


❞Hi, my name is Jolanda and I found my purpose in guiding and empowering people in accepting their uniqueness as their greatest gift to the world.

Throughout my life I always struggled with being my authentic self. The journey of becoming a licensed Celestial Inspiration Medium helped me reclaim my own power. Now I embody my unique source energy and feel comfortable and confident in my skin.

Planet Earth is going through a powerful transformation right now. We are ascending from the 3D frequency of fear to the 5D frequency of love and there is a new Civilization of Love being born. My role in this process is to work on a personal level with individuals who are ready to make this shift. Every mass change starts on an individual level. And when enough people change and raise their frequency, we experience a different reality.

This is where I can help you – by guiding you to recognizing your uniqueness as a gift and empower you to share it with the world. The time has come for us to take off our masks and be authentic.❞

Jolanda Podbregar

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