Q&A with Tjaša Dorelay part 2

Listen also on your favourite podcast app:

Listen also on your favourite podcast app:

In this special 2-part series I am answering the questions that you’ve sent me and giving you the answers that you desire.

This is the second part of the Q&A series and, in this episode, I am answering questions about your life and offering you clarity for your situations.

These are the answers you get in this episode:

00:50 I am a very sensitive person. How can I get to the point where other people’s energies or the constant changes in the world stop affecting me so much?

04:22 I am doing everything right (meditating regularly, reading books, having the right mindset) but my manifestation is still not coming through. Why is that?

09:05 How to lovingly express that somebody overstepped your boundary and how to prevent it from happening again?

13:48 When is the right time end a relationship?

17:35 Does “the one” really exist?

20:48 Will I ever meet a man who is able to make me let my guard down and rebuild my trust in men?

25:12 How to let go of bad habits?

Tune in to this episode, expand your consciousness & write the question you want me to answer in the next Q&A series!

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