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Advanced Meditation Room

Enjoy your daily spiritual practice and manifest your best life! Gain access to 50+ Channeled Meditations for an impactful transformation of your life! The Advanced Meditation Room is for you if you already enjoy meditating and want to enrich your spiritual practice with the most powerful Channeled Meditations for every area of your life (love & relationships, energy & health, money & abundance, work & success, manifestation, soul & spirit world). Transform your life now! 5 days free trial!    

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I'm happy you're choosing your daily Spiritual Practice of listening to Channeled Meditation from the Advanced Meditation Room. I will notify you when you can log into the Meditation Room again!

    Channeled Meditation has proved to be one of the most transformative and life changing practices there is and the best part about it is that it is so effortless that anyone can do it.

    The super-power of Channeled Meditation is its ability to align all of your 7 bodies (physical, emotional, mental, energy, astral, celestial, manifestation) and therefore improve the quality of every area of your life.

    Just few minutes of listening to Channeled Meditation per day will shift your brain to theta brain waves and activate your ability to manifest your best life!

    This is why I have created this Meditation Room for you so you can enjoy this beautiful practice too.

    Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! I’ve created this free E-BOOK >> where you’ll find a Meditation Program for every situation of your life.



    In the Advanved Meditation Room you will find the following 50+ Channeled Meditations:

    40+  unique Channeled Meditations for every occasion and area of your life:

    • Manifestation vortex (Orry)
    • Grounding and earth star activation (Goddess Durga)
    • Clear your mind and stop overthinking (Archangel Michael)
    • Presence and enlightenment (Buddha)
    • Self-love and crystal love activation (Goddess Quan Yin)
    • Chakra balancing (Angels of chakras)
    • Light codes activation of your 7 bodies (Guardians of Lemuria)
    • Sexual energy activation (Goddess Pele)
    • High vibration and light codes activation (Dragons)
    • Calling in romantic love (Archangel Chamuel)
    • Money activation (Goddess Abundancia)
    • Calm your heart after painful situation (Goddess Quan Yin)
    • Cord releasing (Archangel Michael)
    • Deep relaxation (Archangel Samael)
    • Healthy habits (Archangel Raphael)
    • Positive energy (Angels)
    • Letting go (Goddess Kali)
    • New beginnings (Goddess Kali)
    • Energy protection (Archangel Michael)
    • Weight loss (Archangel Michael)
    • Hormonal balance (Goddess Green Tara)
    • Healing the heart and Divine Love Activation (Angels of love)
    • Letting go of the past and surrender in the present moment (Goddess Kali)
    • Accepting your body (Goddess Green Tara)
    • Love and harmony in relationships (Angels of love)
    • Healing inner organs of the body (Archangel Raphael)
    • Female energies activation (Goddess Aphrodite)
    • Male energy activation (God Apollo)
    • Alignment with divine time (Goddess Nuit)
    • Focus and successful learning (Goddess Athena)
    • Stay in your centre (Archangel Michael)
    • Light codes activation of your 7 bodies (The Guardians of Lemuria)
    • Activation of your 12 chakras (Angels of Chakras)
    • Activation of your brain waves (Angels)
    • The embodiment of love (Goddess Quan Yin)
    • Activation of change (Goddess Kali)
    • Inner peace activation (Angels of Peace)
    • Activation of your sexual energy (Goddess Pele)
    • Energy clearing (Archangel Michael)
    • Embodiment of your own truth (Antarra)
    • The eye of the Universe (God Horus)

    All 10 Channeled Meditations from the Beginners Meditation Room:

    • Light codes healing activation (Archangel Raphael)
    • Connect with your Angels (Angels)
    • Stress release and inner peace activation (Archangel Samael)
    • Abundance activation (Goddess Lakshmi)
    • Good morning (Angels)
    • Good night and deep sleep (Angels of sleep)
    • Energy clearing and personal power activation (Archangel Michael)
    • Focus activation (Goddess Athena)
    • Heart opening and unconditional love activation (Goddess Quan Yin)
    • Rainbow children’s meditation (Angels)

    Plus you get 1 new meditation every month!

    Meditations are from 6 to 30 min long.


    Enjoy your spiritual practice of listening to Channeled Meditations and raise your vibration!


    How can I get the free trial?

    Add the selected Meditation Room to your cart. At the check-out select your desired payment option. And confirm your order with »Pay now«.

    Don’t worry, you will be billed only after your free trial is over.

    Can I get access to the Meditation Rooms without a Pay card?

    The only way to get access to the Meditation Room is by paying it via Pay Cards or PayPal. Any other ways of paying are not available.

    Can I get access to the Meditation Rooms without selecting a recurring payment plan?

    The Meditation Rooms are only available through a recurring payment plan, however, you can easily unsubscribe from them in your profile anytime.

    Can I get access to all the different Meditation Room levels when I sign up to the free trial?

    You only get access to the free trial the first time you sign up for a Meditation Room, no matter which level you choose.

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