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LIVE CHANNELING Money Energetics

Do you want to create more money so you can live your desired lifestyle? Are you ready to clear your money blockages for good and become financially free? Do you want to learn the Priciples of Money Energetics and live an even more abundant life? Tap into your innate power of Money Energetics and consciously attract money flow into your life. Get a recording of a 3+ hours LIVE CHANNELING experience and enter the world of Money Energetics! Save your spot now! Limited spots available.


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    This is a recording of the Live Channeling Session in which a Channeling Medium Tjaša Dorelay is channeling Goddess of Abundance Lakshmi so you will receive clarity on how money really works, the do’s and don’ts for attracting money and practical tools to start living a more abundant life now.


    In this on-line LIVE CHANNELING event you will receive:

    • Money Energetics Principles 101,
    • the do’s and don’ts for attracting money,
    • powerful Channeled Meditation for opening your Money Vortex,
    • clarity on how money really works,
    • step by step guidance how you can align yourself with the frequency of money,
    • & practical tools to start living a more abundant life.

    This event is for you if you want to shift your money midset from lack to abundance, start creating more money flow in to your life or if you already live financially free and you want to bring your abundance to the next level.

    There is now upper limit of how abundant you can be when you put the Money Energetics Principles in to practice!

    Get a recording of a 3+ hours LIVE CHANNELING experience and tap into your innate power of Money Energetics now!

    When and where did the event take place?

    The LIVE CHANNELING Money Energetics took place on 11 November 2023 from 7 – 10pm CET, on-line on our website


    Where can I access the event?

    After you  successfully sign up for the event and make you payment, you will get access to a LIVE CHANNELING Money Energetics Event page in your profile (click My Profile in the Menu of our website and enter your login information). You will also get a link to the Event page via e-mail after you sign up successfully.


    What are the payment options for this event? 

    You can choose two types of payment – Direct Bank Transfer or payment via your Credit/Debit card. After we receive your payment, you are all set.


    Will there be a recording available if I miss the live event?

    Of course! The recording of the event will be available in Your Profile the day after the live event takes place and you will have access to this recording for one (1) year so you can watch it again and again and really tap into your innate power of Money Energetics.


    Do I need any special preparations before the event? 

    We are so happy you’re joining us for this live channeling experience. For the best experience of the live channeling event we invite you to have the evening for yourself – prepare yourself a nice area (have some water, blankets, pillows, pen, paper ready, light a candle, put your favorite crystal aside you) and make sure to have a working interent connection.

    You will also have a unique opportunity to ask personal questions and receive channeled clarity from Goddess Lakshmi that Tjaša Dorelay will be channeling, so really make sure to have your question ready & then post it in the comment section below the live video when the opportunity presents itself.


    Do I need any previous knowledge or experiences to be a part of this event?

    This event will lovingly expand your consciousness regardless of your previous experiences so it is for you no matter where you’re coming from.


    Is the event approrpiate for children?

    This event is appropriate for people over the age of 16. All the children under that age are adviced to be in the presence or their parent or guardian.


    Do you have any other questions? 

    Reach out via email – we’re happy to answer all of your questions.

    Give yourself the experience
    of the Celestial Realm.

    Leave your email and expand your consciousness with me.

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