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Money energetics

3+ hours on-line event!

Do you want to create more money so you can live your desired lifestyle?


Are you ready to clear your money blockages for good and become financially free?


Do you want to learn the Priciples of Money Energetics and live an even more abundant life?


Tap into your innate power of Money Energetics and consciously attract money flow into your life.


Get a recording of a 3+ hours LIVE CHANNELING experience

and enter the world of Money Energetics now!


This is a recording of a Live Channeling Session in which a Channeling Medium Tjaša Dorelay is channeling Goddess of Abundance Lakshmi and you receive clarity on how money really works, the do’s and don’ts for attracting money and practical tools to start living a more abundant life now.

In this recording of a LIVE CHANNELING event you receive:

This event is for you if you want to shift your money midset from lack to abundance, start creating more money flow in to your life or if you already live financially free and you want to bring your abundance to the next level.


There is no upper limit of how abundant you can be when you put the Money Energetics Principles in to practice!

Get a recording of a 3+ hours LIVE CHANNELING experience

and tap into your innate power of Money Energetics now!


Who is Tjaša Dorelay?

Tjaša Dorelay is a channeling medium that brings you spot on clarity on how to become the leader of your life by raising your vibration to manifest your best life.

She is a 3 times bestselling author and a profound speaker whose sold out events in the biggest venues are transforming millions of lives all over the world.

Her fresh, practical, and grounded approach to spirituality offers everyone the chance to undergo a powerful personal transformation and expansion of consciousness.

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